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Water can be incorporated into a garden in many ways, whether as a swimming pool (see separate page), pond, or water feature.

Ponds, and even lakes, may be created by using the natural site contours and prevailing soil type. In some instances the local clay can be ‘puddled’ leaving no requirement for a liner. Nearby streams can also assist in filling and/or maintaining water levels.

Ponds can be constructed to contain fish, with filtration if required, and for an array of planting.

Water features can vary from entirely natural to completely man-made. Some are stand-alone features, while others are formed as part of an existing water course or pond.

ESSE Landscapes has many year’s experience in all types of pond and water feature.

Central water feature

A central feature consisting of four ponds around a seating area with firepit for entertaining

Water features and ponds

A natural (actually not!) waterfall

West sussex water feature

Large courtyard water feature – with the jets set to ‘party’ mode

A koi pond

A koi pond adjoining a conservatory terrace

Beehive water feature

This ‘beehive’ pot makes an interesting central water feature


A naturally planted pond with central fountain


A large sandstone ball can be drilled and converted to an eye-catching water feature


A small bird bath and fountain amongst cottage garden planting

Lake and boathouse

A lake (constructed by ourselves) with boathouse and jetty

Koi pond

These koi seem happy amongst their new surroundings!

Large waterfall

This large naturalistic waterfall is entirely man-made

Dancing fountains

Dancing fountains (illuminated at night) provide an interesting feature on this large terrace

Stainless steel water feature

A stainless steel sculpture provides a relaxing backdrop to a small intimate terrace

Koi pond

This pond, built for a koi enthusiast, is around 2m deep and benefits from a comprehensive filtration system

Infinity pool

Detail from a black granite infinity pool

Letterbox water feature

A ‘letterbox’ style water feature adds interest to a small terrace

Water course

Detail from a small water course, ideal for providing sound and movement to a intimate seating area


Part of a rill water feature from a commercial project we undertook

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