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Terraces or patios are the natural way to extend a house into the garden and provide space for leisure and entertaining.

There are numerous suitable materials, of which stone paving flags tend to be the most popular, though clay pavers, setts or even resin-bonded aggregate are often overlooked. For details of decks and decking, see our separate page.

A huge choice of stone is available, especially in recent years when materials from Europe, India and China have been imported in great quantities. These can provide cost-effective alternatives to the traditional York stone paving favoured for many centuries. When selecting a stone it is important to consider a range of important factors. As well as the appearance; grip, hardness, porosity and overall maintenance requirements should all be taken into account.

Below are a very small selection from over a hundred terraces we have constructed.

Yorkstone paving

Yorkstone flags create a traditional seating area in the gardens of a listed property

Terrace dining

The glass and cedar of this house are matched by the clean lines of sawn sandstone paving


Sandstone paving laid to a regular pattern, with an interesting circular feature

Cottage garden terrace

Colourful planting complements a cottage garden terrace


Block paving transforms a driveway

Sawn paving patio

Sawn paving creates a contemporary feel to this new house

Limestone terrace

Limestone paving enhances the natural light around a pool

Traditional walling and steps

Traditional walling and steps, combined with sympathetic planting, to provide a beautiful backdrop


Small stone setts give a continental feel to this intimate seating area

Sandstone sett patio

Sandstone paving with herringbone clay paver detailing


This large terrace includes two pools with ‘dancing’ fountains


Tar and chip provides a practical and natural surface for a country property drive


Sawn sandstone paving is also used to clad planters, providing a contemporary feel to a terrace


Paving combines with decking to provide a Mediterranean ambience around this pool


This intimate terrace in York stone with brick edging captures the evening sun


Traditional York stone paving combines with Sussex sandstone walling

Party time

Party time!


A terrace, entirely from square sandstone setts

Reclaimed sandstone steps

A flight of steps created with reclaimed sandstone, hand-tooled to provide a clean finish


This terrace employs a full range of natural sandstone colours to great effect

Traditional stonework

A steeply sloping garden has been broken into terraces, with traditional stonework

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