As well as for paving, stone can be used to construct walling and create a wide range of garden features.

We regularly source sandstone from Yorkshire or Sussex, slate from Wales, granite from Scotland and a wide range of sandstone, limestone, travertine, slate, porphyry and other materials from Europe and Asia. It is important to ensure that any material is fit for the purpose intended. This means considering grip, hardness, porosity and maintenance requirements as well as overall appearance.

Below is shown a small selection of the many stones we have used for walling.

York stone paving

Natural Sussex sandstone walling blends well with York stone paving

Circular fire-pit

Sandstone blocks are used to construct the wall of this large circular fire-pit

Rustic steps

A mixture of new and reclaimed Sussex sandstone used in the construction of these rustic steps

Traditional walling

Traditional York stone walling

Reclaimed granite setts

Reclaimed granite setts provide an interesting walling material and an excellent and durable driveway surface

York stone walling

Reclaimed York stone walling. A real jigsaw puzzle to lay!

Stone and brick well surround

The contrast of stone and brick for a perfect surround for this well

Wall featuring garden-picked stone

This stone was excavated during the construction of the wall it now forms a part of. The bricks are also reclaimed

Dry laid wall

Sandstone blocks used in the construction of a dry laid wall